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8/10/2022 00:46:54 - by Ricochet
Sandra Luz Pedrigal: The Adventurous Gourmet on It's Raining Food LIVE from the Westwood One Radio Network.

Reason for the comment? I play this highlight every year on New Years since 2010. This was back when Don and Mike finally had a website and those of us that remembered them from Cleveland in 1994 got to download every damn thing (highlights at first and then complete shows) from about 2006.

I had a cheesy MP3/CD player that I'd just purchased and burned several CD's of the D&M show to listen too while I worked. This highlight, "It's Raining Food" became the single most funny bit I remember.

When Don asks "Is it butter?" as she said "shrimp ceviche" had me laughing for 5 minutes straight. Several things said during this bit are to this day part of my on air schtick. "GO!" "I've GOT IT" (Stump The Stoops) "In And Out Burger!"

My friend and I watched "Fatso" because of this bit. "Did ya ever suck the jelly..."

"Who ate the extra one? GO!" Now I've got most of 051706 to hear, but I'm only on Feb. 2000. Thanks again mcfadone!

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