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1 - 032706.MP3
Mon Mar 27, 2006: Reruns
Phone Scan
-Caller says Don and Mike have no competition
Timmy and Joe cut liners for WTOT Dothan AL
Jim Sorce hears the Gym Source commercial
Setting up the None of your Business game
None of your Business game
Beth Ann made Matt the engineer cry
Earthdog brother Jim's phoner with a villiage idiot contest winner

3/28/2021 00:12:37 - by Bodamidam phone scan
This string of best of shows a marked difference from the
older intact episodes (available on site) around this time
frame. 2003 sees the Spiewackity Boy at the mic in his usual
affable half-host half-producer half-boardop half-kong eighth
jewish mannerisms (all best seen on display in the gigantic
Autumn Porch Setting episode talk-up to the NBC mystery movie
theme (perhaps run three times, so perhaps less than five
mins), & of course that is before 2004's witch doctoring of
tapes, cuz, ya know, you can doctor journalism school & don;t
worry about the club, some breezes are farts for angie
Point being, even tho Robb the Gay Bay Bridgerton prolly
picked out these segments much like 2003 (cuz Billy Cleary is
gone by then, right?) the feel is different because it is Joe
hosting & they must rely on "cleanish" clips. 2003 has some
awesome segments tho boy-howdy. & the breast slap off is
around this somewhere, not 2003 or 2006. Joe calling the
freeFM extravaganza BODAM seems a bit BOAD echoey, which
could make sense with timing as well. Oh all the theories I
have, better than any other rabbit holes I tell ya. Anyway.
Then I realized that my relationship with D&M spanned from
when I heard them doing a Princess Di/ Prince Charles bit on
WAVA, & if I had anyone in my life that gave me as much
pleasure, etc, for nigh on thirty plus years, welp, I would
prolly enjoy having children with them. Of course, it is also
weird. Everybody's got their thing. Almost done with the
written transcript of the first Buzz absinthe show "Jeremy
Piven", as well as the Don & Mike trivia reader, prolly on
Amazon. Stay Tuned, ya Show Goons.

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