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1 - 030900.mp3
Thurs Mar 9, 2000: What Would You Do for $1,500?
A listener's girlfriend takes the sex quiz
Don has no idea what the contractors want to know
Phoner to Leah Remini about the overnighter
What would you do...
- Guy snaps a mousetrap on his uniit
- Guy contorts his wang (Jesus on the cross, chicken heart, bag of gold)
- Guy eats a sheep's head (winner))
Dennis Murphy's jail mail

7/14/2012 21:57:08 - by D&M Fan
It's shows like this that remind me how much I loved this
format -- Don spends at least 15 minutes describing how
unbelievably helpless he is at even the most basic household
task (like shutting off the circuit breakers for the
contractors). Hysterical. Loved the moment of Buzz pissyness
when someone calls to razz our Mr. Burbank about his inability
to search the Web. The Freak Show is pretty appalling, but in
a really funny way. It's kind of like a car wreck that you
can't help looking at...if the car were a WV filled with
circus freaks. All in all, a great show from our Radio Gods.

9/30/2013 02:31:25 - by Amazon Girl
WOW! So excited to find these archives! I AM THE AMAZON GIRL (assistant to Eddie, the sheep head eater). What a great day that was! I am a huge fan of the Don and Mike Show, and it was so cool to hear this show so many years later. Thank you to the person who took the time to catalog the archived shows with summaries! On a whim I decided to search for a link to the show and luckily for me, some great person had outlined the "guy eats sheep's head" portion! Thanks to the Radio Gods for giving me many years of laughs, and for all the great compliments you gave me when I was there in the studio. For those of you who want to see what the Amazon Girl looks can find me on FB by searching Colby Feldman. I will be hosting a show on a new online radio station launching soon called KGFI. Also, if you are so inclined, check out Counterpoint Culture on FB or These guys are a great new rock band, and they deserve to be heard! Much love to Don and Mike...and I can't believe it's been over 10 years since I watched my boyfriend drill a hole in a sheep's head and suck the brains out with a clear "Slurpie" straw then joined him in eating a sheep's heart in your studio!!!!!

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