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Mon Aug 16, 2004: Elvis is Still Dead
The semi-annual Elvis tribute show

7/18/2015 10:38:05 - by ByTheRoots!
A fun , but very time consuming project I did was to isolate stories , interviews , sound-bites , and E2E segments to create my own "Elvis Is Still Dead Show"s .
Whether altogether into one 9.5 Hour show or individual styles (Interview Version , Onstage Version , Stories Version running from 1.5 to 4.5 Hours) as well as singular and Conjoined "Melee In Memphis" episodes.... it was a ton of work , but fun to do and listen to..... especially with the added bonus of the "Turkeys and Donkeys" story , which a link to can be found in a recent comment on the PYOBS Facebook page....

I also , for fun , formulated a 60 minute version (without D&M) of Elvis' onstage drugged ramblings from various good quality bootlegs , which makes a wonderful addition , and topped it off with an Eilert Pilarm 60 minute fun-fest as well.

Very time consuming , but worth the effort and I recommend trying to do the same if you are an industrious individual.

I don't know about anyone else , but I am now ready for a 14 hour observance of Elvis' Death Day next month , and am gonna be able to do it in style....
Now all I need is a Cherry Pie , some Ritalin , and some "Attacks" , .... and a Sundae....

There's nearly a month left until August 16th , so get crackin' if yer going to do the same , I will post a tracklisting I used , but there are a few segments that are not on this site for downloading (like Buzz's news and comments from 1999) , and I don't know how to get them to PYOBS to upload (apologies for that) , but there are some "likewise" or alternate year versions that are here to download , so it can be (at least 99%) done , with some effort , and a bunch of free time .

A host of thanks to PYOBS for posting these show , without which I could not enjoy the Elvis shows nearly as much .

Elvis (and PYOBS) just keep on giving.......


7/18/2015 11:00:31 - by ByTheRoots!
Here is the tracklist from the above mentioned 9.5 Hour version of the "Elvis Is Still Dead Show" utilizing segments from D&M , video news-bites , and Bootlegs , with a touch of Eilert Pilarm thrown in as the swansong....

Clumped together segments (where more than one item is listed on a single track) indicate these multiple segments were derived from the same broadcast .

Ultimate Elvis Is Still Dead Show

001 Mamamama Mafa
002 2003 Opening
003 The King Was Gay
004 (Onstage)Are You Lonesome Tonight (Plus Tax)
005 (From Video)Robert Goulet On TV
006 TCB Oath
Did You Know ?
Elvis' Food And "Attacks"
Elvis Loved His Food
Graceland Kitchen
High School
Fools Gold Loaf
Tv Glasses
Cough Syrup Story (Champagne Flutes)
That Pleases Me Greatly
Deoderant Tablets
Sexually Retarded Elvis
Two-Way Mirrors
007 (From Video)Tv's And FoolsGold
008 (Bootleg)Big Fat Angels
009 (E2E)3 Million Dollar Reward For Elvis To Turn Up Alive
010 (Onstage)Having Fun With Elvis 1
011 Richard Simmons
Puking Elvis
Elvis' Harem-Scarum Outfit
Elvis' Foot Odor
012 (Bootleg)Old MacDonald Had a Farm
013 (Bootleg)Jill Bought This Suit
014 Sleepwalking
Scattered Memories
015 Sound Bits - Datin'
016 Juliet Prowse
Peggy Fleming
Elvis Has Sex At A Star Trek Convention
Ann Margaret
017 Elvis Author And Christina Crawford
018 (Onstage)Narco Squad - Strung Out
019 Larry King Talks To Joe Esposito
020 Scatter The Monkey
021 Eilert Pilarm
022 (Onstage)Having Fun With Elvis 2
023 Donkeys And Turkeys
024 Hot Dog Rolls
Elvis Facts And Quiz
Elvis Loved Popsicles , Yogurt , And Peaches
Elvis Shoots A Toilet And An Icemaker
Elvis And Drugs (Gladys' Pills)
Elvis Dies
Elvis Didn't Enjoy Intercourse
Oh My Peter
Elvis Loved 14 Year Old Girls
Baby Talk
'Cilla And Elvis
Linda And Elvis
Elvis' Bladder And Bowels
Last 3 Years Of Prescriptions
Elvis' Progeny
Autopsy Stomach Contents
025 (From Video)We Cannot Let This Out
026 Baby Talk
027 Elvis' Girlfriends (Anita Woods)
Private Presley
Dirty Home Movies
White Cotton Panties
028 (Bootleg)New Microphones
029 (Bootleg)Deep Throat JD Goes Down
030 E2E Phone Ho Theater
031 Elvis Outtakes
032 Barbara Streisand
Sammy Davis Jr
Karen Carpenter
Lisa Marie Autographs
033 Gracelands New Tour Attractions
034 Nude Women Statues
035 (From Video)Assassins
036 Elvis Goes Snake Hunting
Attacks Formation
Elvis' Ass And Boner
037 E2E (Another Elvis Book)
038 FBI Tour
039 (Onstage)Gatorade
Hound Dog
If I Did One-Tenth Of What They Said I Did
Kung Fu And Karate Are The Same Thing
Are You Lonesome Tonight (Mental Block)
Strictly Spontanious
040 (Bootleg)Ode to a robin
041 (Onstage)Are You Lonesome Tonight (Laughing Version)
042 Elvis And Guns
Elvis' Colon
043 (From Video)Colon Newsbites
044 Call To Graceland
045 Elvis' Illegitimate Son
046 E2E (Sam Thompson)
047 (Onstage)Having Fun With Elvis 3
048 (From Video)The Colonel
049 Alanna Nash Interview
050 New Drug Newsbites
051 Liquid Cocaine
052 E2E (Elvis collector is liquidating his stuff)
053 (From Video)Jimmy Dean
054 Elvis Facts And Quiz
Graceland Talk
Last 3 Years Of Perscriptions (Buzz Version)
Elvis Trivia
Elvis' Sanctuary
(Onstage)Narco Squad / Strung Out
Last Night Alive
Knocked His Teeth Out
055 Elvis' Weight On Other Planets
056 (Bootleg)I'm A federal Agent,And 8th Degree Black Belt
057 Don Reads
058 (From Video)He Tried To Overpower My Mind
059 (Onstage)Introductions ('Cilla,Shiela,Lisa Marie)
Reason For Elvis' Divorce
Stutz Or Stud
God Damn I Got A Toothache
(Caller On Mike Stone)
Judy Spreckles
Story Of "Softly"
Liver Biopsy
Bill Cosby
Vikki Carr
Kathy Westmoreland
Vernon And Colonel Parker
Thank Yous And Jewellery
060 (From Video)Sonny , Go Kill Mike Stone
061 E2E (Selling One Of Elvis' Old Houses)
062 Flashbulbs In The Pool
Hamburger James' Tablet
063 Joe Esposito
064 (From Video)Dr. Nick and Geraldo
065 (From Video)Last Perscription
066 David Brinkley 2
067 Elvis' Autopsy
068 Pantry List
Kit List
Cigar Box List
069 (From Video)Real Hamburger James
070 Hamburger James story
071 Rick Stanley
072 (From Video)Jo Smith Gets Girls For Elvis
073 Eilert Pilarm Retires
074 (Onstage)Having Fun With Elvis 6
075 Buzz's News
Elvis Presley International Impersonators Code Of Ethics
076 Elvis at the morgue
End - Amens
077 (Bootleg)There Goes My Career
078 (Bootleg)Elvis Says Fuck You
079 (Bootleg) Exit
080 (Eilert Pilarm)Megamix
081 Closing


7/19/2015 22:59:59 - by fish
bytheroots!, look at all the babies we've killed. Bill Cosby? Where the hell is that sombitch?

You know somthin, I tell ya man, you go to the doctor aint nothin wrong with ya, theyll make up somthin wrong with ya. yall know what a liver biopsy is...

7/20/2015 07:39:11 - by ByTheRoots!
Heya Fish ,
Bill Cosby is in track 59

I saw him out of the corner of my eye , see I can't help it , I was trained that way...


7/23/2015 11:01:09 - by Where'sMyCherryPie,Jack?
ByTheRoots! How might one be able to obtain your Ultimate
Elvis compilation?

7/23/2015 14:32:50 - by ByTheRoots!
I am trying something to accommodate the request for a downloadable version.....

The beauty of it is that almost all the "tracks" are already here in different Elvis Is Still Dead Shows and Elvis Birthday Shows , and with the different years come slightly different versions of the stories. Scatter , Hamburger James , That Pleases Me Greatly , and more , vary year to year making favorites a very personal decision .

I sifted through each show , time consuming but fun , to find my favorite versions , and recommend everyone do the same .....

I do understand that some of the tracks I used are not available here for download so I will see what I might be able to do as far as sharing it here . I am trying to get it downloadable , but I still recommend checking out each show in their entirety .


7/23/2015 21:15:10 - by ByTheRoots!

I found a way to upload the show....

now I want no trouble visiting this fine site , nor our great host , so this link is temporary , it expires on it's own , so I hope it serves those who might enjoy , and please understand that when it disappears , I cannot reup it ...

click the file twice and it should automatically download


7/23/2015 21:52:54 - by Where'sMyCherryPie,Jack?
I just tried it, I think its already gone. It sends me to a
redirect to register for Bummer. Thanks for your
time and efforts.

7/24/2015 08:41:44 - by ByTheRoots!

apologies for the quickness the link disappeared.

it had to be temporary out of respect to the site owner.

I am working on getting some stuff into our host's hands , and if deemed worthy it might get posted up .....

7/24/2015 09:11:44 - by mcfadone
We can post it here...send me the file...and my hair grows!

7/29/2015 00:02:36 - by Fish
when the file is posted here, im going to download it and have it for...


7/30/2015 19:54:14 - by ByTheRoots!
With the cusp of August approaching , and every D&M Elvis show fan probably getting ready to observe the week and/or day of Elvis' passing... I have something to share (briefly)with fans like me.... I have gotten a better job done on being able to supply a link for a bit of something enjoyable. Collected in the file linked below are a plethora of Elvis' drugged out stage rants , most of which , but not all , have been featured on the D&M show , that I have procured from various good quality , import cd's and gathered together into one 60minute E fest.
The link will be temporary for reasons of respect to our host and benefactor , as I want no troubles coming along in the future , so grab it while you can , .... I will make this available until the 3rd of august 2015 , and after that , the links will disappear.....

this is a fun ride to listen to , and if you enjoyed D&M's Elvis tapes you are sure to enjoy this.....
The temporary link is below , and I call it .....

Freedom From Constipation

01 Im Bill Cosby , And A Black Belt
02 Are You Lonesome Tonight
03 Well , Well , Well.......
04 New Microphones
05 Jill Bought This Suit
06 More New Microphones
07 Big Fat Angels
08 They Said I Had A Paunch
09 Honey , Would You Repeat That
10 Hound Dog
11 Strictly Spontaneuh
12 Introductions And Liver Biospy
13 Deep Throat JD Goes Down
14 Associated With Me
15 Kung Fu And Karate Are The Same Thing
16 Karate Speech
17 Narco Squad And Strung Out
18 If I Did One Tenth OF The Stuff They Said I Did
19 I Am A federal Agent , I Am An 8th Degree Black Belt
20 Thank Yous , Judy Spreckles , And Jewelry
21 Ode to a robin
22 Old MacDonald Had a Farm
23 There Goes My Fucking Career
24 Elvis Says Fuck You
25 Exit

now , mama , bring me all three of my attacks..... , a sundae , and some cookies , and then I will be energized

7/31/2015 07:47:32 - by ByTheRoots!
I still seem to be receiving "invalids" on links ... I honestly do not know why.... sigh.. I am going to take an alternate approach.... I am putting everything into a flash drive and am going to mail it to our host,,,, apologies for the inconvenience.... I do not understand what the heck is up with the links.... but rest assures that the items awaited will find their way to our host soonishly via post office and hopefully will post up here not long after... ugh , it sucks to post links and find them unusable for reasons unknown.... and I am sorry about that... I did try , nd test them , but for some reason , they are problematic for other computers not my own and I do not know why... so now they will be gathered into a flash and sent through the mail ..... sorry .... I am not happy about it and I was not trying to disappoint anyone , so to assure it does not happen again it is going to be done the longer but most reliable way..... on the bright side , there will be a lot to eventually look forward to

7/31/2015 08:56:39 - by Fish
BTR, I copied the link and it seems to be downloading just fine.

This afternoon after work ill open it and confirm it, if it worked, ill turn it into a torrent also, post the link and seed it.

I dont know the words, so if I goof it up, please forgive us...

7/31/2015 23:34:52 - by Fish
The link worked just fine, the files downloaded in about 40 minutes. the files are all there! Excellent collection, thank you for the effort, if for some reason the link fails, feel free to use this link to my torrent of the same files.

seeding directly from me, any other seeders will only increase the speed for the next fan!

Now, wont you all stand and raise your right hand and take the TCB oath.

More self-respect, more respect for fellow man.

Respect for fellow students and instructors.

Respect for all styles and techniques.

Body conditioning, mental conditioning, meditation for calming and stilling of the mind and body.

Sharpen your skills, increase mental awareness, for all those that might choose a new outlook and personal philosophy.

Freedom from constipation.

All techniques into one.

Elvis Presley 8th

Applying all techniques into one.

7/31/2015 23:45:48 - by ByTheRoots!
Hey Fish , glad to hear that one of my attempts worked out , and thanks for the encouraging words and work on your end.

I am getting a flashdrive of goodies galore loaded up to ship to our illustrious host. Now he has a life(unlike me) and will possibly need extra time with the files (most likely for compacting purposes since some are over a gig)before any get posted , but there will be plenty to look forward to .

Thanks again , and glad you enjoyed it.

TCB Technique , .... that pleases me greatly....

8/16/2015 17:28:15 - by brucedickhamster
aew guys, i missed the initial offering, can anyone rehost it temp please?

8/16/2015 23:37:30 - by Fish
did you try the torrent? im up and seeding now, I havent had a downloader in two weeks so I shut down Utorrent.

Let me know

8/20/2016 15:04:05 - by Kris
Is that Ultimate Elvis Death Day cut still
available anywhere? Just thought about it,
and look at all the babies we killed...

8/20/2016 19:06:21 - by ByTheRoots!
Kris ,
there is a link on the main page of the site , third item down... under "Recent Comments" and under "Enjoy These WAVA Tapes"..... called "This Pleases Me Greatly"......

our illustrious benefactor posted a link which opens up a download page with three folders... in the "Don And Mike Stuff" folder you will find that show , and a whole lot more....


2/2/2017 22:56:50 - by Hu-mee
D&M are radio ART. Keep circulating the tapes. Thank you!

5/1/2020 01:16:28 - by Patrick
Elvis paid the most taxes of any United
states citizen in 1973, Jack..... I sure
the tax bill caused him to have a
"attack" or two.

5/1/2020 20:15:02 - by Patrick
Jim curtain who sold his elvis collection
to woo a potential wife did over 500
tribute shows and had a immeasurable
Elvis collection died in july of 2011...

He was interviewed by don and mike during
a elvis death day celebration

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