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1 - 010804.mp3
Thurs, Jan 8, 2004: Elvis's Birthday Observance
Best-of was pre-empted for a Redskins talk-show with Larry Michael.
Potpourri: the end of football season, teasing the Sperm Count contest, Freda throws away her wedding dress
Elvis's birthday tapes, stories
News scan: All about Michael Jackson in "Miss Castaway," the redneck
who married Brittany Spears, more on George Harrison, Liza Manelli's
medical condition
Phone scan
Joe Gibbs press conference (real, but with D&M commentary)
Phoner with Altovese Davis, widow of Sammy Davis Jr

1/19/2012 15:07:52 - by gob
Gladys Kravitch calls in at 2:40:ish and is immediately hung up on.

1/7/2016 14:04:14 - by D&M Fan
Hats off to Altovese Davis for being such a good sport!
The widow of Sammy Davis, Jr. is promoting a live show
about her late husband, "Mr. Bojangles" and during the
course of the phone interview she fends off intrusive
questions with grace, provides constructive critique of
Mike's Sammy impression, and offers witty responses to
the infamous "Sex Quiz." Two thumbs up to the lady for
"getting" our Radio Gods and their sense of humor.

Two thumbs up also for D&M's color commentary during the
Joe Gibbs presser. While not as funny as the Joe Gibbs
resignation press conference that will come at a later
date, the guys' improv skills make for some real belly

Finally, don't miss Buzz's about a belly

4/26/2018 12:57:15 - by non norm
I love don and mike... but i think it is funny all the shit
they talked about mike savage.... mike is in the radio
hall of fame.... mike is best selling author.... don and
mike??? well pod cast city......

2/1/2020 17:24:14 - by ByTheRoots !
Elvis Stuff

Elvis Loved Popsicles And Peaches
Sexually Retarded Elvis (Snippet)
Elvis Onstage (Liver Biopsy,Bill Cosby,Vicki Carr)
Elvis Shoots Toilet And Icemaker
Liquid Cocaine
The Greatest Elvis Tape Ever

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