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Wed Dec 21, 2005: Reruns
Don freaks out about condition of studio
Everybody except Don is a spokeswhore
Mike gets a new chair
R. Lee Ermey in studio
Mike decides to massage both Dennis Murphy and Robert Mailman to pay off Red Sox bet
Phoner with Ditka
It's all relative
Jew to jew, 2005:

12/30/2015 12:12:16 - by Diana
Don: "Why do we have to be computerized". Oh God Don, come
on. Even ten years ago, this was a ridiculous statement.
Sometimes I wonder if Don wasn't the real reason that one of
the biggest radio shows in the country never had ANY online
presence whatsoever - no decent website, no studio cam -
they TRIED all these things but it was always half ass.
There were local, little nothing shows around the country
that had more sophisticated set-ups and presentation than
Don and Mike EVER had. I remember cringing when Don would
say that they even would've had a website if it weren't for
Freda. What the fuck? Why would the host's WIFE have
anything to do with something as basic as that? Boggles the
mind . . .

9/9/2016 23:20:49 - by Fish
these last few "Best of"'s of 2005 are some of the weakest in my opinion. Dons bitch session has alot to do with it. I never cared much for two major parts of the show. Football J O sessions and Don pitching a bitch about inside business. I can agree with Diana for the most part about the modernization of the show. Don was always a hold out on all things "technology". Add to that, he would bitch about the carts and the need to have racks and racks of antiquated carts around for sound effects. HE WOULD BITCH that they didnt even make CARTS ANYMORE! Then he comes along and pisses and moans about the computer upgrades. Whether it was all part of his "show script" or real banter, I never enjoyed the listen.

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