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Mon July 11, 2005: In Memoriam
Freda was killed in a head-on auto collision on Sunday afternoon. Don is off, but
Mike, Robb, Buzz, BA and Joe are in-studio to offer rememberances and share
their grief.

1/27/2011 10:30:26 - by Jables
Frieda's passing part 1.

2/11/2011 18:11:07 - by :(
sad. cant listen to this, stopping at 2:45

2/11/2011 18:12:59 - by mcfadone
it's working for getting any errors?

8/11/2011 16:59:02 - by Jeff
Sad Stuff, but I'm living in Los Angeles as a writer now and whenever I need inspiration I listen to these podcasts. Thanks so much for putting these up man, I grew up with D&M.

9/7/2011 14:20:02 - by jeff mcjables
jeezuz... who cares. it's just a show.

7/30/2012 07:05:18 - by Brian
They're still people, asshole.

7/22/2013 21:03:55 - by Andy Howard
Sad day indeed, I looked up on Wikipedia for TD&MS and saw
that FWS died. Never got the chance to hear the show that day
until now. Thanks PYBS for archiving it.

8/9/2013 18:07:21 - by Heather
Jeff, that is pretty heartless. Freda was a human being, not
"just a show." Friggin' idiot.

12/5/2013 16:04:00 - by justin
loved the show and the guys. loved when freda put the guys in their place.

7/30/2014 01:39:59 - by Travis Graham
If you listened, they were all like family. I remember to this
day, sitting practically in shock at work listening to this
episode. Very tragic.

7/20/2015 02:08:53 - by Diana
Last week was the TENTH anniversary of Freda's death, if you
can fucking believe that. Will always remember this day,
listening and grieving, and also knowing it would mean a
premature end to the show.

4/25/2016 13:54:04 - by Don and Mike My Brothers
I knew the tape was one day going to come up. I have been listening daily for 2 yrs now. Still a 4hr Club Member, I knew about Freda passing thru this site. This was my first time listening to this broadcast. I have yet to listen to 911, I skipped over it. Waking up this am, grabbing my coffee, and pulling up today's show, was a surprise. Haven't done much since. The hardest times in my life were eased by Don and Mike, they were then, and through this site, they still help me every day.
Not sure if one of you, Don or Mike run this site, but you guys saved my life.. thanks

7/12/2016 09:21:32 - by Fish
Still a 4hr club member as well, this episode came up on my rotation last week. It just dawned on me the other day was 11 years. Very hard to listen to. However it is pretty amazing to listen to Don in the following shows as he simply does his job like a pro. Many people say the show took a turn after the "FCC / Janet boob" incident and after Fiedas passing but I enjoyed the all the way to the end. Thanks Mcfadone.

7/12/2016 15:42:16 - by Dennis
Long time listener, D & M, like most, got me through nightmare commutes and some tough times. Miss the 2 guys but great to have this site to reflect back when I can. Like everyone the passing of Freda show is the hardest to listen too. Freda rest in peace.

4/8/2017 08:04:29 - by John
I don't know what made me think of the Don and Mike show
this evening, but I did. I was hoping there would be an
archive of the show somewhere. I listened to them when I
was a senior in high school in 1985, then all through my
college days, and then on into my career where I was lucky
enough to have a radio tuned when I could while doing my
preflight, flight planning, etc. As an international pilot,
my departures were after the show ended every day. When I
was away, my spouse would crudely record the episodes while
I was gone. This event shook me to the core, and I admit to
crying for about an hour or so as I imagined the pain,
grief, and tragedy Don, his son, and the radio family by
necessity had to work through. I did so enjoy the banter
when Freda called the show. Those of us who followed the
show for many of the 20 years considered them family
members who just didn't know us, but we knew and loved
them. I hope this website remains for a long time.

8/26/2018 17:02:04 - by Chad In Spokane
I remember sitting in a Walgreens parking lot, anxious to hear their stories
of vacation, and possibly a new funny intro to the shows, as they change
them usually after a long break.

Then getting slapped with this, shocked. After a couple minutes, I was
hoping they would jump out and reveal it was a giant deek job, albeit it
would be bad taste. Then it was reality. Reality.

7/5/2022 16:06:26 - by Patrick
Getting ready for the annual scrape freda off the highway

7/7/2022 14:51:32 - by BM eater
So edgy, man

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