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022004 All Music Show.mp3
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1 - 022004 All Music Show.mp3
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Fri Feb 20, 2004: Number Something or Other
Live: The whole show is deemed arguably offensive, and the reruns are
offensive, so it's an all music show. D&M (and Buzz) take turns
talking up records, with "Hot Rod Lincoln" being one of the better

2/19/2014 08:26:54 - by D&M Fan
If you were to look up the phrase "passive aggressive" in
the dictionary, I firmly believe that a description of this
show would be in there. Our Radio Gods are still smarting
from their two-week suspension (when Don said bulls**t twice
and it wasn't dumped out by the producers) and once they
return to the air, they end up getting a raft of bulls**t
about the content of their Wednesday and Thursday shows. So
to ensure that NO ONE is offended, they decide to deliver an
"all music show" where the entire gang takes turns talking
up the best music of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Great music,
funny intros and lots of snarking make this a funny
departure from the ordinary for true D&M fans.

8/5/2015 23:26:23 - by Fish
I was a D & M fan starting when they singed onto the Seattle station around 02. I listen to these shows every day, I started at Jan 2000. This last month of shows takes me right back to those crazy times. I remember listening to all this unfold live. I feel the same way now as I did then.

Janet Jacksons "wardrobe malfunction" was premeditated and unacceptable. So was Dons "bullshit". I still cant believe that they both refuse to concede, even the slightest bit, that during prime time TV on the most watched program of the year of any network that exposing a breast was wrong. The FCC has clear rules regarding frontal nudity. Not to mention the fact that these broadcasts are created by private companies that also have their own standards. It was painful and discrediting to them I felt, every time they would cry "first amendment". First amendment has nothing to do with a corporations public broadcast.

Then Dons "bullshit". Over the past two days he claimed it was "no big deal" and it was a "technical oversight". He knows damn well how to use his delay and he had the gall to claim that "I thought someone hit the delay, I saw the light on". Not to mention the fact that when they usually throw in something that they expect to be delayed they draw attention to the dump so we know. Not this time. He simply dropped "thats bullshit" and steamrolled right through it with not a reaction from Buzz, Mike, Robb or himself. Then again. He did it intentionally to try to make a point.

Whats worse is listening to them piss and moan about it on the air following their suspension as if they had been served an injustice. Dont get me wrong. Im a die hard fan, im here, thats proof enough. But facts is facts and Don dug their grave with bad timing. Don wanted the bull right after Janet made waves?! He got the horns alright.

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