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1 - 021903.mp3
Wed February 19, 2003: Mrs. Robinson
Best-of: Web domains, phallus direction
Snowed in: Mike's brush with death, Don's panic attack
Joe Millionaire recap
Senior Bachelorette date recap

2/18/2011 17:59:55 - by Jables
Don thanks a guy who plowed him out, both guys discuss being snowed in, Joe millionaire recap. Senior bachelorette recap. Dennis Murphy calls in. The contestants take the sex quiz. News and comments.

2/17/2014 16:35:48 - by D&M Fan
GREAT show with lots of stories from the big President's Day
blizzard of 2003. Love the story of Don chasing Freyda's car
as it slid down the hill and Mike's trip to the grocery
store after he finally manages to dig himself out. All in
all, it's an excellent show until about 2:21 in when
attention whore Dennis Murphy calls in during a segment with
the lovely Anna, the senior bachelorette. He gets his wish
as all attention is diverted from Anna and her date Scott,
and he wrangles an invitation to come into the studio in a
few days. Ugh. But things get back on track when Anna and
Scott take the sex quiz.

6/26/2014 10:11:45 - by Doug
My brother (Scott) is featured in the segment toward the end. It's pretty funny to listen to him because he is usually not very talkative -- and, you can tell the nerves because his voice really doesn't sound a lot like that normally. On here it's kind of squeaky, and in the prior episode to this one, I seem to remember Don poking fun at that quality of his voice. Great episode.

8/10/2022 00:08:29 - by Ricochet
This is the first new ep provided by a friend as recorded on the Pitt affiliate. Jeff Fillyaw is forever in my vocabulary because he dug Don out and I listened to this ep several times. Having heard the boys on WERE 1300 Cleveland , I was hooked, but went a different way (re: worked for a show that was broadcast 3-6).

With Howard Stern on hiatus in the summer (2022) I thought I'd get all of 2003 from this website, but soon I had everything from 2000-2008 and I listen to 2-3 daily. After 22 years, it's still something special. Don's current show is great and my 12+ years of downloading the MOM show continues...

There is a faint hope to all fans that there will be a reunion, especially when Mike said he's let go of even the MORE/Buzz bitterness...

I don't care, because I'm hearing almost complete episodes of all those years I missed. Love you need you got to got to have you my PV119 :) Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. They're Don and Mike and they'll say what they WEESH. Don and Mike KICK ASS! Thanks for the archive mcfadone. It's a testament to radio history that can't be had from other disc jockeys.

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