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1 - 110502.mp3
Tue Nov 5, 2002: And Where Are Those Pictures I Was Supposed To See?
Lessons from a book, "How To Be a Disc Jockey"
Old DJ stories (featuring Don Cox)
Don doesn't think that voting matters
Joe Ardinger with a bullhorn tapes
The station website can't handle American Idiot voting traffic and meltdown

10/13/2011 10:36:12 - by Scatter The Monkey
Don reads from a book he's discovered called "How to be a DJ." This
leads to some great DJ stories, one even involving gunplay. It's erection
day and Joe is at the polls campaigning as a write-in candidate. Tom
Gavin briefly checks in. Don and Mike express their displeasure at the fact
that a voting system is not yet in place for the "American Idiot" contest.
This quickly spirals into a mini meltdown from Don. There is a quick
discussion about someone making them a website for the show and an
asshat caller is critical of the way Don publicly humiliates his staff. Then
back to Joe polling voters on key issues. Buzz with news and comments.
That was very...professional.

11/5/2013 10:32:22 - by D&M Fan
In listening to Don's meltdown about the website, I have to
admit that I'm on his side. Even if they couldn't make the
online voting happen, there is NO excuse for not telling him
before the show that there might be issues. Seriously, people.
It's like they have never worked with an on-air personality.
And did anyone notice how quiet Robb was during the entire
episode, as if he was trying to stay under the radar so he
wouldn't get blamed? Wussie.

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