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052302 O&A rant with Don's phone-in.mp3
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1 - 052302 O&A rant with Don's phone-in.mp3
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Ratings are good, O&A Rant
Freak show:
-scrotal pushpins (winner)
-dislocating arms
-monkey paw foot
-webbed toe sucking
-nail in the head
-webbed foot
-toasters under the boobs
-full body tats and piercings
-crack-house porn

3/16/2011 02:08:35 - by bJ
Wow these guys are funny!!!!


Yes that is how funny o and a are......a "not" joke

F**kin non funny loser idiot baby toucher's is what they are

8/10/2011 16:35:13 - by Jeff
Yep, still not funny. They hung up on him like a couple little bitches too.

9/14/2011 17:55:12 - by someretard
I really would love to hear the Don and Mike show(s) leading
up to this. I hate hearing the one side from those queefs
Opie and Anthony. I'm a little bummed Don even bothered to
call their show. I wonder if Mike knew Don was making the
phone call?

1/23/2012 14:36:46 - by Chaybee1
Mcfadone, do you by any chance have the shows before this
where the battle began?

2/15/2012 13:51:24 - by issues
Yeah, I would really live to hear the last couple weeks leading up to this. I
couldn't get D&M around this time so wasn't listening as it happened.

3/3/2012 16:18:35 - by Josh
Same here........

7/6/2013 18:35:16 - by DarthBrooks
It's pretty funny hearing this considering how O&A get their show cancelled a few months from when the airing of this show.

8/10/2013 19:04:43 - by Why am I defending this?
A lot of butt-hurt people on here.

Don & Mike didn't work out in NYC. It happens. Suck it up
and move on. I'm a fan, but they definitely were NOT New York
radio material.

And DB, O&A were fired, not cancelled.

5/22/2015 20:10:04 - by pointer
This is actually the first segment of O&A for 5-23-02 - is the D&M show from that day (5/23) or the day after (5/24) posted anywhere? As I remember, Doni G really "pulled back the curtain" on both D&M and O&A in both of these shows - so much so that Ken and Jeremy ended up suspending both shows for a week, but slapped D&M with a "gag order" on O&A while O&A got to continue to bash D&M with impunity.

7/28/2017 23:18:08 - by jdawg
shit rolls down hill. Stern told CBS that no other CBS
jockeys were allowed to talk about him. O&A told CBS Don and
Mike couldn't talk about them. And Don and Mike told CBS that
Stan the Fan couldn't talk shit about them. Stan the Fan told
CBS nothing because they refused to accept his call.

3/6/2018 21:21:30 - by The Jacka
Found the shows leading up to this.
Sending to the main man now...

3/10/2018 23:08:22 - by Jacka

3/15/2018 19:14:36 - by goon
Thank you so much, Jacka!
Got any more?

3/30/2018 11:49:02 - by Patrick
Still popular in 2018

8/10/2022 01:19:36 - by Ricochet
I was in Louisville, Ky and was long separated from radio as a career and even longer from Don And Mike. I was in Cleveland visiting a friend who said that Opie and Anthony were on and he listened and liked them, but they were not as good as Don and Mike.

I listened a few times but couldn't get a groove on the boys. When they came to Sirius/XM I couldn't really get on the bandwagon. I don't know why, maybe because I was longing for Don and Mike.

Jim Norton however, was really funny. I was a big fan of his Chip Chipperson character so I can't say anything bad about O&A..but as far at Sirius/XM, it was Stern/Bubba/Ferrel and Ron and Fez. (Sirius listener since 2006, but 2008 when they merged, that was that.)

O&A had tons of success. For a long time in Cleveland, you couldn't drive for 10 minutes without seeing a WOW bumper sticker. BUT... D&M are Radio GODS. is the ANKH of the radio gods.

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