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4/6/2011 17:38:50 - by D&M Fan
Radio consultant "Pete" has sent a personal, confidential letter for Don which he had asked Don not to read on the air...with predictable results. Then the guys place a call to "Rush Limbaugh" to get the inside story on the mystery behind his voice change. Next it's time to "Make Us Laugh" in mid-day with the grand prize a $3,500 Casino electric guitar. Unsurprisingly, most of the callers aren't very funny.

5/18/2015 23:38:10 - by Mark
In as much as Pete Consultant was hysterical with his
bright, new "ideas" for the show, he's not very far off with
the criticism of it. Again, this is from a perspective far
removed from the time it was happening. But, I remember
listening during this time period 14 years ago, and being
aware of some of the ruts the show could get in to. A lot
of ranting from Don (was this prior to his seeing the
acupuncturist?) and a bit a re-directing attempts from Mike
(if you listen close enough). Lots of bad blood at JFK, but
hey, we ARE treated to some of the first ever appearances of
Katie, now of CAKE AND COOKIES on Mike's TMOS Network!!

8/16/2016 12:55:37 - by Captain Rectum
Also contains the famous Katie Powers Von Herrmann AKA Kate the dump button pixie's big win on Make Us Laugh. Where she says every swear word she could. (2:02)

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