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Tues Sep 11, 2001: 9/11
World Trade Center disaster coverage

1/18/2011 14:22:08 - by Farfalotus of the Blowhole
Listen to Buzz: "An explosion at the base of the 1st Tower caused the collapse."

1/19/2011 08:49:36 - by regularschmoe
There were erroneous reports about stuff all over on that day. Then again, amidst the chaos, a lot may have been brushed over in hindsight. It's so intriguing to hear the guys recorded live from that day. D&M at their finest.

1/30/2011 04:03:55 - by Nitropugs
Holy Fuck. What a day. What a fucking day. Great have to just go off the cuff and do the show show. Maybe one of the better broadcasts of the that day as it unfolded.

2/13/2011 12:07:24 - by BSoule
God bless you guys for archiving this day especially, but...ouch, that's hard to listen to. Good job, nonetheless!

4/5/2011 10:49:22 - by BAM
I never got to hear this because my local affiliate switched
over to ABC News that morning. I'm glad I have the opportunity
to hear it now.

4/6/2011 17:44:17 - by D&M Fan
I was working in a public safety command center in downtown D.C. on 9/11 and for the two weeks that followed, so I never heard this broadcast. Nearly 10 years later, and is still difficult to remember that day and everything we experienced. But I'm so impressed by how well the D&M team handled the panic, hysteria and mis-information that day and kept their cool, despite being mere blocks from Ground Zero. God bless the person who made this recording available.

4/30/2011 17:23:28 - by TimC
I was in Portland Oregon and was able to hear the Don and Mike Broadcast in it's entirety because they were on a tiny, tiny station that had no major affiliate to switch the broadcast to a major network. I always wondered how Buzz was gettin ghis news that day because I'm not sure how much of a part of live boradcast radio that the internet was in 2001.

5/2/2011 08:51:39 - by Scatter The Monkey
Hope Bin Laden is now enjoying his dirt nap.

9/13/2012 16:36:40 - by Paul from The Netherlands
11 years ago, feels like yesterday, even if I'm all the way from The Netherlands, I still know exactly what I was doing, paid my respects in 2002 after visiting the WTC in early 2001..

Hear the guys talk about this very broadcast on TMOS

7/30/2013 16:19:38 - by Patrick
wow,,,,sitting in my safe office,,,well over 10 years after the fact I am getting goose bumps... I have felt guilty because I use to say that I was never directly effected by the events of 9-11,,,, but now looking back, and listening to this I realized how directly effected I have been affected. After listening to this.... I am surprised and amazed by how much the Don and Mike show has impacted me. Thank you Mike, Don, Buzz, Robb and the staff at paint your bald spot.

8/11/2013 17:33:56 - by Keenan
I used to listin as a kid. And this show has been with me my whole life it's

6/29/2016 22:57:38 - by planetes
Listening to this today.. shaking in my seat right now. I
was in DC on 9/11, and the impact of Flight 11 into the
Pentagon woke me up.

My apartment block was also directly under its final
flight path. If they'd dropped the nose a second earlier,
it'd have been me melting in jet fuel.

*shudders* 15 years on and I'm *still traumatized.. who'd
have figured?

6/30/2016 00:37:21 - by planetes
edit : Flight 77. Escuse the damned brain fart. :(

4/30/2017 20:41:18 - by bumpass
just now listening to know why,but GOD DAMN IT.....thanks for all these files but especially these Mike.Really,thanks

3/22/2020 11:29:30 - by Red
I've made it a sort of tradition to go back to this every
year on 9/11. I've heard Mike and Robb talk about their
experiences that day at length but to hear what is archived
of the broadcast is something totally different.

9/11/2020 15:26:43 - by Patrick
I still remember

9/10/2022 19:40:05 - by Patrick
I still remember

9/29/2022 17:38:21 - by Patrick
Per tmos podcast, don reached out to Mikey concerning
hurricane in Florida. Maybe the band can get back together.

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