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Thurs July 12, 2001: 8 Simple Rules for Dating Gary Condit
Don is now the owner of a NY apartment
Gary Condit's rules for his road whores
Filthy Elvis tapes
Kathy C Gifford claims she's writing a tell-all book
Pete Johnson Makes the Call For You
The Making of a DJ: Don's old air checks
Yours in Christ Show (Bible gum)
Doni's Record Bag: act with Pearl Bailey

7/24/2011 14:08:56 - by D&M Fan
The guys are in NYC today, part of their new deal. Freyda is hard at work, fixing up Don's New York apartment; Mike and the rest of the guys are resigned to many nights at the "German-run hotel." Lots of talk about the scummy Congressman Gary Condit and a funny online internship application. Pete Johnson shares words of wisdom for callers, Don shares tapes from his DJ past, and the "Yours in Christ" guys make a call to a lady about her "Bible gum." Finally, Don and Mike channel their inner scriptwriters by performing a scene with a recording of Pearl Bailey. Fun-NEE!

7/12/2018 23:07:36 - by Greg
all this and Filthy Elvis, too!

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