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Thurs June 21, 2001: Meet Uncle Winky
Don drops a weight on his foot, takes out one of his few healthy toenails
Introducting the SAP (second-audio program) for The Show in different languages
Phone scan, and horrible male mutilation stories continue
Journey's Ross Valory (doing his Adam West impression) in-studio
D&M are offered a ride in the Nascar Racing Experience at Dover

8/11/2011 14:52:52 - by D&M Fan
Don is playing hurt today; he dropped a piece of exercise equipment on his foot and as a result, had to have one of his "good" toenails removed. This, of course, opens the floodgate of callers with weird toenail stories -- and testicle stories. Mike reveals that he was bullied and terrorized at the age of five 5 by Chad Ram during the Ramster's reign of terror; forty years later and he still feels the pain. Then, we have a short, but very funny, bit about the new SAP feature available on new TVs. Robb's translation of Don is particularly funny. Next, a promised visit to the studio by the five current members of Journey turns into a cameo appearance by D&M superfan and Journey bass player Ross Valory. Ross and his roadie pal bring the serious crazy, answer questions from callers, and offer free tickets for the gang and D&M regulars Homo Joe and Dennis Murphy. Murphy, of course, is the first to call in to claim his free tickets and beg for a backstage pass. Greed, thy name is "Dennis."

11/18/2011 12:55:37 - by Guhloonus
Ross seems to not understand why his shitty re-hashed Journey tunes weren't being pushed by the record label. *personal opinion* ---> Journey wasn't that good back in the day.

10/27/2015 13:27:20 - by Steebin
Jenna Bush "interview" during buzz's news is hilarious, starts at 02:51:00

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