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Wed May 16, 2001: Do the Show---But Don't Talk About Anything
Behind the scenes problems with management, Stern
Fight with a stain so bad even acetone couldn't remove him
Behind the Music, featuring Belinda Carlisle jilling-off
Calls to Terre Haute to find out about business during the aborted McVey execution
Phone-Ho Theater (Pete Johnson)
Jacking off to comics and cartoons
Lay King tapes

7/3/2011 11:09:12 - by D&M Fan
The guys are in quite a mood today -- apparently there has been some tension between D&M and another CBS Radio personality and the guys have been reprimanded. This undercurrent of rage plays through the entire show, especially when a fan of the other personality calls in to bust their balls. In a brilliant piece of live theater, Don calls a number of businesses in Terre Haute, Indiana, to ask whether the delay in Timothy McVeigh's execution has negatively impacted their business. The Bob Evans gal was my favorite. Then, some calls to 1-900 numbers with Pete Johnson tapes: "Thank YOU, Pete Johnson!" Next, we delver further into the mind of Geronimo, as Don reveals his sexual obsessions with comic book babes such as Veronica from the Archie comics. Every bit as disturbing as the previous day's discussion of the Superman porno. Finally, a salute to Larry King with a replay of one of my favorite Lay King tapes, where he forgets that he's on the air during an interview with an author. Geriatric broadcasters - when are they too old to work? GO!

5/13/2021 10:10:33 - by Patrick

The Popeye video is very questionable..
Popeye rubs sand on Bluto's chest. They
get matching tattoos... The bike for two..
But of course there is nothing wrong with

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