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1 - 051401.mp3
Mon May 14, 2001: The Charlie Broyhill Show
Sopranos recap
Freda is mad that Bart and Don added a Pete Johnson sound clip to her computer
The Golden Boy's mother's day weekend
Broyhill's Logan Airport raveout
Lay King's column where he plugs a vacation spot
Marty and Lay King Show (what we got for free at the spa)
Dennis Murphy vs. Tom Gavin to broadcast from the McVey execution

7/2/2011 14:36:38 - by D&M Fan
The gang is back from Portland, ME and for once, there are no horror stories to share about the affiliate or the audience at the Las Vegas-style Show. It seems that, with the exception of a dick working in the wholesale parts department at Maine Mall Motors, the people of Portland are fine, upstanding folk. I was worried that this would be a boring show -- just Sopranos recaps and the miscellaneous Tom Gavin call. Thank god for Charlie Broyhill and the incompetence of Virgin Atlantic Airlines! Instead of the telling of the "Buzz Show" that we've come to love, in this episode we hear about what has to be the worst birthday ever as Don, Buzz, Robb and Charlie experience the trip from hell. Golden Boy Mike O'Meara, of course, had no problem on his return trip. As I listened to Don account of Charlie screaming at the Logan Airport security guy, I had a tug of nostagia for those wonderful days of pre-9/11 travel. Good times.

4/26/2012 14:30:33 - by Amanda S.
This one is so damn funny. I've been laughing the entire time.

4/30/2012 15:28:55 - by D/Mfan
God damn funny marty/larry interview with some hotel

5/12/2021 22:22:22 - by Patrick
If the story Don told about Charlie
Broyhill, is 20% true, he is clearly a
flaming P.O.S. I am highly highly upset
he was not arrested. I feel very sorry
that this was the person Lisa married.

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