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Mon May 7, 2001: The White O.J.
A national nightmare begins: Robert Blake's wife is shot dead
Crappy clairvoyant canoe
People cards (best personal motto: never make fun of anybody)
Another bad episide of The Sopranos
Ken Stevens swoops in to visit Don at home, brings Tim Sabean and his wife
Volunteering at Bart's snooty private school
Listener Mary comes in to show off her WWDAMD tattoo
The triumphant debut of Crap, Mike's DJ band

6/26/2011 20:44:35 - by D&M Fan
In what has to be the best opening segment of the year, Don, Mike and Buzz each offer their theories about the weekend murder of Robert Blake's wife. Funny enough, but the segment goes from good to sublime when the gang calls out to LAPD to offer their assistance with the investigation. Kudos to the lovely ladies of CHIPS, LAPD and Hollywood PD for treating Don's theories with such humor and respect. Next, the guys discover the fun and fantasy of "People Cards", which Buzz surmises are just like baseball trading cards but with real people's photos and information. They track down one of the People Cards subjects -- a college kid in Cedar Rapids, Iowa -- to get more info. Then Don and Mike discuss the most recent episode of The Sopranos (with input from Buzz and Robb); basically they are all disenchanted with the new season. Next, Don recaps his weekend gig at his kid's fundraiser festival: Don drove the hospitality golf cart to ferry old people back and forth, which was fine with him, but he hated having to drive rich younger women to their cars. On the positive side, he was offered a couple $1 tips. Then Mike recaps his weekend: the highlight was the debut of Mike's band "Crap" and their 7-song playlist. I still can't believe they never hit the big time!

8/13/2015 14:43:17 - by Rayf Brogan
Lmao. They're talking about Pine Barrens episode of
Sopranos at 58 minutes.

5/11/2021 16:07:36 - by Patrick
20 years later, United States still is
having a gas issue. The current crisis is
tp a cyber attack on the supply, or at
least that's what they claim.

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