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1 - 050201.mp3
Wed May 2, 2001: Go Bob On My Knob, Ass Munch
WNEW party and aftermath recap
Finding common ground with O&A
After hours with Mike and Broyhill
Pete Johnson cuts liners
Lisa-on-the-street at the CBS Store
Mike & Buzz Show trial (hemp car guy doesn't answer)
How much does it cost to watch nude girls do jumping jacks?
Another attempt at calling the Hot Feet sex line
Ken Stevens in-studio to discuss last night's party

6/10/2011 17:20:31 - by D&M Fan
Wednesday in New York and the gang is in fine form after the WNEW staff party the night before -- well most of them; Mike is wearing sunglasses...too much party for the Golden Boy. But all agree that the party was a great time and the guys have mended fences with fellow WNEW jocks Opie and Anthony and Ron and Fez. Next the guys order engineer Pete Johnson to the studio to cut liner tapes that will be used against difficult callers. Sample quips include: "Go bob on my knob, ass-munch." "Tickle my dook, dumb-ass." and "Smell my hogg." Then we hear tapes of Lisa interviewing shoppers at the fabulous CBS store. Lots of great inside jokes and good-natured tourists. Proving that guys have no self-control when it comes to looking at images of naked women, the guys spend WAAAAAY too much time trying to access the "members only" section of a website that offers photos and videos of naked women doing jumping jacks. My favorite part of this segment was the caller who recommened Don use a website called "" to search for information on the internet. But the guys strike gold when they call a 1-900 number for people with foot fetishes which morphs into a dysfunctional family therapy session with Don, Mike in the role of Don's verbally abusive father, and the phone whore, who *really* earns her paycheck during that call. What. A. Day.

2/12/2018 20:11:02 - by The_Jacka
One of the more epic shows ever.
The liners by Pete Johnson:
go eat a shit sandwich you filthy C,
smell my hog queer bait & calling the Foot Fetish line.
Such great stuff and then they do a segment that I
completely fogotten about: host to host with Michael
Ellston and Buzz Burbbank, were they both talk like
Buzzy..!Its fantastic. Wish they did that again.
Great show...!

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