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Tues May 1, 2001: *Thunk*
Pro rassling documentary recap
Don doesn't undestand the value of Netflix
Paul Dean's annual recap of highlights of The Show
Paul McCartney writes poetry
Pete Johnson cuts liners
Greedy caller wants D&M to pay for him to go to a Kevin James appearance
WNEW's sound effects library
Arnold Schwartzenegger article and interview

6/9/2011 13:58:05 - by D&M Fan
It's Tues-DEE and the guys are in NYC after a long week of traveling togetherness. Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! Don's review of a documentary on WWF star "Mankind" (Mick Foley) leads to a long and raucous segment on whether or not the injuries in the documentary were faked. Lots of great callers! Next, Don discusses "the dumbest concept you've ever heard of": Netflix. He doesn't understand why anyone would not want to go to a video store to pick up a movie. But he does love "Little Nicky" and debates Mike on the best Adam Sandler movies. In my favorite bit of the show, Don reads a letter from loyal listener Paul Dean who has written a detailed "Don & Mike: Year in Review." Paul McCartney apparently believes that Linda McCartney has been re-incarnated as a white squirrel. Engineer Pete Johnson drops in to record a promo for the upcoming Las Vegas style show in Portland, ME. Then the guys take a leisurely stroll through WNEW's sound effects library. I enjoy the ones that crack Mike up the most. Finally, Don reads an expose about Arnold Schwartzenegger's secret mistress -- how the HECK did the Governator get away with stuff like this for more than 10 years???? -- before Ah-nold stops in for a quick interview. Another show for the time capsule!

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