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1 - 040401.mp3
Wed Ajdury 4, 2001: A Step Above Crying Circus Clowns
Lame-ass David Copperfield's trick on the tv box last night
Why can't the local firefighters wear beards?
Fight with a douchebag caller
Jerry Lewis's "The Day the Clown Cried" background, notes and dialog
Charlie Stossel takes a pie in the face for losing the Oscar bet
That scab Barry Williams (Greg Brady) in-studio
Way Out There (Man-chester, England)
Phone scan

9/10/2011 12:34:29 - by D&M Fan
The highlight of the first segment in today's show has to be the pinhead Pentagon desk jocky who calls in to warn D&M that they run the risk of "alienating" their military listeners for a comment Don made to a prior caller. The conversation is pure Don and Mike gold. Next, Don reads the treatment for and a background story about what has to be the most disturbing movie concept ever: Jerry Lewis's "The Day the Clown Cried". Truly horrifying. Thank god the show takes a brighter turn when Charlie Stossel visits the studio to take a pie in the face after losing an Oscar bet with Don. While he's in studio, he reviews "Along Came a Spider", "Just Visiting" and "Blow". The great Barry Williams (Greg Brady) stops by the studio to promote his appearance in the stage version of "The Sound of Music", his "I'm the Real Greg Brady" rap and other topics of interest. Next, "Ken Stevens" and "Alan Leinwan" presenters of "Way Out There" call some guy in Los Angeles to talk about his claim that Manchester, England has become a Mecca for gays and lesbians.

8/3/2012 05:20:56 - by Nothing up my sleeve
0:21:00 Mike does an amazing magic trick

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