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1 - 022801.mp3
Wed Feb 28, 2001: Ass Wednesday
Pimping for the biggest ass contest
D&M ratings are great, station ratings suck
Don gives up yelling at callers for Lent
Phone scan
Last night on TV recap
Mike O'Meara's Crap tapes
Listener comes down with moonshine; D&M want to make molotov cocktails out of it
Contestant for Ass Wednesday arrive to get their butts measured
Arnold Schwartzenegger (Mike) discusses running for Governor of Collie-fornia
Don just can't get that booger loose....
Chubby chaser calls in, wants to date a fat dude
Contest winners in-studio who went to NYC with Robb for the Sopranos party

9/4/2011 21:29:36 - by D&M Show
In the aftermath of a very successful "Fat Tuesday" contest the day before, Don and Mike decide to celebrate the beginning of Lent with "Ass Wednesday." I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm always amazed at how willing the D&M Nation is demean themselves on the radio. Mr. 49 checks in to give an update on his big recording deal. Next, a phone interview with "Arnold Schwartzenneger" to set the record straight about the infidelity rumors. A long, long discussion about boogers and the eating thereof, then the two gals and one of the guys who played "Highway Love Connection" to win a trip to NYC for the Sopranos premiere event drop in to tell their story. Seems that one of the guys was a douche...Finally, a caller with an eyewitness report on the day's earthquake in Seattle takes the opportunity to compliment Buzz on his news reports about the quake.

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