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1 - 022101.mp3
Wed Feb 21, 2001: Thanks, O'Meara
Phoner with Robb, who's in New York for The Sopranos party
Pimping for Strip Trivia
Caller with a health problem calls in to explain he thinks he was poisoned at a restaurant
Phone scan
NY contest winners check in to say they're having a blast
Fight with a caller
Entertainment news
What's wrong with the SI swimsuit edition
Robb calls in from NY
Getting the male contestants for Strip Trivia
Filling out Don's SAG awards ballot with the worst candidates

8/25/2011 08:53:28 - by D&M Fan
Anarchy as the show opens -- Robb is in NYC for the big Sopranos premiere party and no one knows where the opening tapes have stored. Sure, it's a bumpy open, but Robb calls in from his hotel room to ensure we don't miss him too much. The guys put out the call for Reno-area listeners to call in for Strip Trivia during their upcoming appearance. Mike's fear of flying takes center stage when a listener calls in with the Reno weather forecast for the end of the week. "You'll be fine," says Don. But he reminds him that many celebrities are even more successful after they die in a plane crash. A weird mixture of funny and dickish callers today, including Gary, who calls in to bust balls about the guy's earlier discussion of "All in the Family." Next, we have a quick check-in by the kooky kids from yesterday's Highway Love Connection who won tickets to the Sopranos premiere -- methinks there will be stories to tell tomorrow. Dennis Murphy calls in to plug his website. A bit of creepy foreshadowing during a discussion about William Shatner's new marriage: Don vows that if ever drowns Freyda in a pool, he'll wait at least two years before he remarries. Funniest call of the day -- a guy from Reno who simply cannot understand the concept of a "Will Call" window.

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