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1 - 011101.mp3
Thurs Jan 11, 2001: Can't You Just Use a Sock?
"Love's Theme" is so old, so 70s
Fight with a dumbass caller
More than you ever wanted to know about the Cher lady, Food Lion tampons
Don't talk about sex in front of Bart (includes woman jokes)
What Would You Eat contest
- A quart of bacon grease
- Catching mother's milk squirted from the tap
- Crickets and pickle juice
- Blended cocktail of raw seafood
- Sticks of butter and self-induced barfing

8/17/2011 19:44:49 - by D&M Fan
WARNING: Do not listen to today's show while eating. Why? Because to win a trip to the SuperBowl in New Orleans, listeners will drink the most disgusting, revolting items they can think of without barfing afterwards. You have been warned. But before we can open up the vomitorium, the guys offer their opinion on the entertainers lined up for GWB's first inaugural. Don is miffed that he and Mike were not invited to perform, and he really wants to take Freyda to an inaugural ball. Next, Barry White invites us to a "beautiful weekend" at Paul Quinn College in Waco, Texas -- one of my favorite celebrity blooper reels EVER! A disturbing call from the Cher lady starts ugly but takes an unexpected turn...until Dennis calls in to ruin it. A call from Bart and Freyda reveals that Bart gets ooged out when his parents get lovey-dovey in front of him, and who can blame him? Then contestants enter the studio to drink: rendered bacon grease; breast milk expressed from a nursing mother; pureed crickets/pickle juice/egg nog; a Cajun "cocktail" with raw seafood; melted butter/salsa. All I have to say is that the winner really earned their prize today.

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