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1 - 011001.mp3
Wed Jan 10, 2001: Don't Say the Goddamn, Dere--Hey?
WJFK is off-air, so they're going to run reruns on the network
- Controversy over the Wichita LVSS
Back on the air with live show--
Talking with management behind the scenes
Earthdog brother Jim sends Don a hideous Packers windsock for Christmas
Trying to make fire without using matches
Pimping the What Would You Drink? game
New York is gone, but we got Fargo, baby!
PS2 blows Dreamcast away, but XBox looms
Mike theTv Icon Boy calls (Bob Barker)

8/18/2011 11:02:01 - by D&M Fan
Interesting show open -- no station power at WJFK, so the guys decide to start with "Best Of" material for affiliates until the station gets back online so they can make their big announcement once and to all at the same time. The walk-out from the day before was prompted by something that enraged D&M, something they can't talk about right now. After an apology to the listeners, the guys kick off today's big show...with a description of the homemade Christmas gift brother Jim and his wife made for Don. That leads into a spirited discussion about being handy and survival tactics. Funny. An in-studio visit from Mr. 40 to announce his big new record deal. Aiiight! Don and Mike are sincerely impressed. The guys solicit participants in a "What Would You Drink?" contest, scheduled for the next day. A call from "Mike the TV kid" -- his first of 2011 -- rounds out the broadcast.

4/30/2021 23:14:50 - by Patrick
Googled mista forty, using capital
punishment record label. Found 1 brief
clip on YouTube from 10 years ago, but
unable to locate any recent information (
where are they now?) Buzz burbank retired
within last month. Lisa is a spokes person
for a po lice department.

5/1/2021 00:03:31 - by Patrick

Two people were killed in the Carolinas in
less then 3 years, by eye drops... They
are toxic Dr. Geronimo.

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