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1 - 051500.mp3
Mon May 15, 2000: Then She Mowed the Lawn...
Mike plays a round of golf to celebrate the birthday of the 2nd Mrs. O'Meara
Don does yardwork for the parents-in-law
Can you cheat Millionaire by using Ass Jeeves?
Wings and hamburger helper and ice cream for Mother's Day
Don isn't quite as good at Algebra as he'd thought
Phone scan
Local tv-news personalities
Phoner to fast-food clerks who tainted their food----allegedly
Aborted phoners for the Wacky Story File
Nit-picking the logic of The Sixth Sense

10/21/2012 19:26:41 - by D&M Fan
"What is the Japanese word for 'war lord'?" That is the
brainteaser that Don uses to try to prove that it's possible
to cheat the system and win "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"
by typing the answer into a search engine. The answer, for
those of you playing at home, is: Shogun. Apparently the
dullard caller never heard of the Tom Cruise movie. Oh and a
snowflake has 6 sides. But I didn't need to Ask Jeeves to
know that.

Quick question: What was your most embarrassing High School
moment? No surprise, but for both Don and Mike, farts were

Next, a word of advice from Don to all restaurant goers:
Don't EVER send food back and don't EVER complain about your

Finally, D&M are forced to admit that they have been
misquoting the lyrics to "Brown Sugar" for decades.
Listening to this episode, I'm so happy to live in an era
with Google and high-speed Internet.

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