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1 - 051000.mp3
Wed May 10, 2000: The Shell No-Pest Strip is Up and Running Today
Kathie Lee ditches her CD-signing, thwarts D&M's reception plans
Smartest Kid in America show recap
Freda's 7-minute trip to heaven on the Doni-coaster
Mr. Methane is just too big for the D&M show now
Phoner to a liquor store where some douchebag tried to buy 10,000 in lotto tix
John Kim pimps for fat chicks to go to a nudist colony with him
The original Joe-Mama guy calls out all the Joe-Mama impersonators
What Your Mother Doesn't Know

8/20/2012 14:51:13 - by D&M Fan
As I listen to this episode, I find myself wondering whether
twitch kid ended up in prison for killing his overbearing
parents...Hard to believe this show didn't have a longer
run. Love the Lancelot Link voicemail message that D&M leave
for the guy making the Lancelot Link movie. Mike does a
GREAT job improvising an entire scene with the main
characters. Oh, Don Imus is still an ass, 12 years later.
Speaking of asses, how about the guy who calls in to confess
that HE was the one who burned down his momma's house 15
years before, not his little brother. But that segment
always makes me laugh, whether or not there is a payoff.

4/10/2018 08:10:31 - by Gbakes
I had a lot of fun over the years trying to get the boys to walk into to my lil traps. cool to be able to track down some of these much appreciated. The orginal Joe Mama Guy

1/22/2020 19:57:02 - by DebbieDowner
Screening the women on todayís show for a big strip trivia for Thursday but
unfortunately the archives donít have the Thursday sow.

1/23/2020 12:00:00 - by DebbieDowner
The Thursday episode missing, had an all girl sex show. Seems like
donator of recordings purposely excluded episodes that were sex related.

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