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1 - 010500.mp3
Wed Jan 5, 2000: F-U Day
Happy to be back in the new millenium
Don is over Leah, back in love with Jeanine Garafalo
Ken announces that he's no longer the WJFK GM, Alan Leinwand's ass-kissing begins
A drunk phone message from the Martzkes
Don's F-U New Year, but great bowling
Mike makes lobster stew, Robb blows off the party claiming he was "sick"
Some hockey douche calls another hockey douche a "frog," hilarity ensues
Phoner with Leah Remini regarding a Tom Shales review
Phone scan

2/11/2011 21:12:52 - by D&M Fan
The first show of the new millenium and the guys have survived Y2K and lived to tell the tale. In this episode, they recap their respective holiday experiences, play "Guess the celebrity laugh" and take lots of calls. Sadly, Dennis Murphy appears at 1:51 to bring the show down to a virtual crawl as he calls to talk about himself. Later, Leah Remini wants to give Washington Post TV critic a piece of her mind for a negative review of a TV show (a call which Robb screws up). I had to laugh at the references to the Redskins and Norv Turner, and at the caller who reminds D&M about bad Super Bowl spoof songs of times gone by.

7/25/2017 16:30:43 - by Big Daddy Dan Wilkinson
Graduated high school in Sacramento in 2001 and was always aware of D&M because of my dad but I never really listened to them until they were available on iTunes.. I've spent the last few years listening "backwards" on PYBS (started with the first episode 2005, listened to the whole year; went to the first episode of 2006 and so forth, until I skipped 2000... weird I know). I just finished the abbreviated 1999 collection and now I'm moving forward, this time trying to comment on each show to include milestones (debuts of people, characters, themes, etc.)

Thank you so much, mcfadone. Having all of this content is wonderful, especially since I missed so many years of D&M. Being able to go back and enjoy them, and relive the evolution (and devolution) of D&M is a luxury. Thank you very much indeed. I completely stopped listening to TMOS and live one PYBS every day instead.

Hope to contribute by providing valuable comments and I'll do my best to not be a DA caller.

So excited to hear the progression of their relationship with Alan and his evolving hatred of Robbay.

7/25/2017 16:32:15 - by Big Daddy Dan Wilkinson
*already a DA caller.. I meant I went from 2005 to 2004 and backward... like anyone cares.. just wanted to give some context.

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