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092299 - Anal Sox Fight.mp3
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1 - 092299 - Anal Sox Fight.mp3
1 - 092299 - Anal Sox Fight.mp3 Comments(0)

9/13/2013 02:11:35 - by patrick
very funny!!!!

7/3/2018 13:16:20 - by brent
johnny fairplay? is that the survivor dooshbag calling at about 27:30 ?

2/16/2020 20:40:23 - by Big Daddy Dan Wilkinson
One of the great arguments ever between the boys as Don pushes Mike a little too far when it comes to talking sh*t about the Anal -- I mean, Red Sox -- and Mike gets offended about Don implying he'd be able to do the show without him. We all know how it went with Mike sans Don, and sorry Mike, but Don was always the driving force behind the show. Used to listen to TMOS religiously till I found this site and this is my third listening over the last decade starting 1999 and going one show at a time.
Thanks mcfadone!

2/17/2020 05:31:52 - by OldFart
fortunate enough to have been around for most of the ride...

someone directed me to the show in the 90's and in 1995 they really hit their peak stride until fredas passing in 2005 which really is where the show ended for me.
after that , don was never the same which anyone can understand why , there were great episodes later on , but not nearly as many as before and there was a tension that was very palpable from then on that changed the feel of the show for me from then on.

When don left and the show revamped , i listened , but was almost relieved when it was cancelled since it felt like visiting a friends house when he isnt home. it felt a little empty without don.

Don moved to sacrament and got a gig on KHTK,,,,sadly,don's new show just sucked. the crew he worked with did nothing chemistry-wise and i actually disliked the show and found it boring. Don left KHTK and went podcast and even that was very unsatisfying.

i found mikes podcast..... not great , but Robb was there and there were moments of great "Old Spark" chemistry between the two and i went back to listen regularly for awhile.

as okay as TMOS is , and its the closest thing to D&M we will ever get now , i stopped listening to it and returned time and time again to re-listen to these classic shows , especially 1999-2004 ,and trying to recapture the past.

Thankfully we have the archive

there will never be another show quite like it but it did take all of them to bring it to us. Don in the pilot seat , mike bringing personality to the proceedings, Robbay and Buzz with interjections and insights that filled in any small gaps, they were the best team in radio, but it did take all four of them to become the show of the radio gods


2/17/2020 05:39:25 - by OldFart
the last i saw of daon which was in 2017

THL 85 - Lounging with Don Geronimo (We smoke and chat with Radio God Don G)

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