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1/18/2011 10:37:31 - by Guhloonus
Caller at 1:45:00... Robert the mailman?

1/19/2011 12:35:58 - by mcfadone
yep, that's Robert!

5/5/2011 22:15:29 - by Ghost of Vince Lombardi
Nice 14 minute cavalcade to start. What… does… the… yellow…
light… mean… ? Don reads a story from the BBW mag the boys
got in the mail. Fried chicken and fettuccine Alfredo for
everyone. Let’s go to Buzz. D&M try to get CJ a date with
listener Kathleen. She seems nice. Underwear optional! Don
tells a story about calling René Auberjonois at home (Odo
from Star Trek: DSN) and bonding over DirecTV. Mike rubs
elbows with famous people, too. His invitation to golf was
declined by Hootie & the Blowfish. Back to the big girl
stories. Did you ever suck the jelly out of a jelly doughnut
and then fill it with chocolate swirl ice cream? Great to
hear Frieda, who makes a collect call from Vermont to talk
about the trip with her parents to see Bart at camp. She
wants Don to eat healthy while she’s out of town. What an
awesome chick. Now more fat girl tales. Plump and tasty! D&M
open the phone lines, and the fatty chasers jump on it like
their dates hit a plate of chili cheese fries. Fascinating
fact: 15 years after this show aired, you can still pick up
big girls at the Purple Moose Saloon. Scott the Dwarf says
it’s tough for little people to get laid, but women of
larger carriage (“picture two of Rob-bay”) are often
willing. Yup, that’s Bobby the Angry Mailman expressing his
love for the big ’ums starting at 1:44:30. Charles Broyhill
just doesn’t know. Can You Get to10? Glorious six-way sex
with Shirley Hemphill, John Goodman, Rudy Martzke, Al Roker
and Chris Farley. The boys interview Radu, who falls for
Mike’s impression of Regis. Radu has some good stories. He
trained JFK Jr., the young Jodie Foster, Bianca Jagger,
Vanessa Williams, Anthony Quinn and Liza Minelli. D&M screw
with Rick, who’s cutting a commercial for Manassas Hondai.

8/3/2013 17:16:56 - by Patrick
Joan Rivers,,, and balls to the face..... and Sam Jackson,,,,,, must be the Don and Mike show!!!!!

5/14/2014 16:33:09 - by Sector7G
Hard to believe its been 18 years. I love that this is an actual WJFK feed and not syndication. Its very likely i heard this episode when it first aired. My fav part is when Don is reading the Fat Letters along with that mad magazine CD. This is Don and Mike in their prime!

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