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New comment from Dave Poop added to Opie_and_Anthony_-_O_&_A_Lashes_Back_At_Don_&_Mike.mp3 on 6/17/2024
New comment from issues added to 060200.mp3 on 6/10/2024
New comment from issues added to 060200.mp3 on 6/10/2024
New comment from SterlingJr added to 121798.mp3 on 5/11/2024
New comment from Ahnolds Nipple added to Jack_Buck_of_Fox_sports.mp3 on 4/19/2024
New comment from Jim Jones added to 081403.mp3 on 4/14/2024
New comment from Jack Bauer added to 120600.mp3 on 4/11/2024
New comment from Bf added to 100306.MP3 on 4/5/2024
New comment from mcfadone added to 040506.MP3 on 3/31/2024
New comment from AArdvark added to 040506.MP3 on 3/30/2024
New comment from AArdvark added to 040506.MP3 on 3/29/2024
New comment from Ernie Cryinghead added to 082304.mp3 on 3/25/2024
New comment from Crabs Crabs Crabs Crabs Crabs Crabs added to Don and Mike - Pooh Goes Ape Shit.mp3 on 3/22/2024
New comment from Caleb added to Don and Mike - Pooh Goes Ape Shit.mp3 on 3/17/2024
New comment from billy reed added to 20060308 - Robbs birthday celebration on 3/8/2024
New comment from Sac Town's Finest added to 12-02-05 on 3/5/2024
New comment from Bryan added to 111700.mp3 on 2/27/2024
New comment from issues added to Segment 5 on 2/13/2024
New comment from Jay Thomas's Ghost added to 111500.mp3 on 2/4/2024
New comment from Drew added to 101904.mp3 on 1/31/2024

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Here's the aforementioned "major announcement": PYBS was originally built from the shows that I downloaded from the WJFK website after each day's show. As people contributed more shows, I added them to the site. As more files were contributed, my life became busier, and I did not have the time to sort through what was contributed and compare it with what was already posted to PYBS. So recently, I uploaded all these files contributed by PYBS users to a directory on the server: There is lots of duplication in the directories and with what's already posted on PYBS. However, there is lots of show/clips/miscellaneous content that is not on PYBS. Also, check: for lots of other content: WAVA shows, TMOS on WJFK, Don on KHTK, missing 2005 shows (.rm files), Sex Pies and Videotape, The World of Don and Mike and so much more.

Thank-you to everyone who has contributed to / over the years! 25,098,143 website views since 2009 and counting.

Enjoy BM Eaters!
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Every episode of BrokenLinkRadio is an intentional homage to the syndicated, hot-talk radio shows that set the standard for no-holds-barred conversation in the 90's and 2000's. Virtually, nothing is off limits, and the emphasis of every segment is fun and entertainment. Bradley C. Baker hosts a show with a cast of characters who are unafraid to push everyone's boundaries... including each other's. There are even featured guests that include anyone from Buzz Burbank of the Don and Mike Show to local clergymen or the nearest manager of the local fast-food joint! If you enjoyed shows like Don and Mike, Opie and Anthony, Howard Stern (back when he was good), or Joe Rogan (back when he was funny); then we have confidence that you will enjoy spending your time listening to BrokenLinkRadio.

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