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by: mcfadone Sunday 18th, June, 2017 | views (2794) | comments (2) | add comment
We are over here now. A new Facebook Group for PYBS
Thank you all for your support and comments on the PYBS Facebook page...almost 500 members strong. I get a lot of inquiries about segments, locations, dates and everything else in between. I love all the correspondence and there are many passionate Don and Mike fans out there to this day. However, sometimes I'm slow to respond to this correspondence and/or don't have the answers folks are looking for. It's for this reason I think we would be better off with a PYBS Facebook Group: This will allow all to contribute to Don and Mike fan questions and allow everyone to contribute in a more collective way to our love of the RADIO GODS and WHATNOT. Please join the group and spread the word:

6/19/2017 12:14:25 - by D&M Fan
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for continuing to offer
these audio clips to us super-fans. I have yet to find
anything on the air today (either "over-the-air" on on
podcast) that comes close to these shows. There was
something magical about the chemistry and none of the
"post-D&M" offerings have come close IMHO. I'm so happy to
have the opportunity to relive what I believe was the
Golden Age of Talk Radio.

11/18/2017 13:48:20 - by CharlesTwevy
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